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Velier Foursquare Patrimonio 58°: Description and customer reviews

This Foursquare Patrimonio is the result of a collaboration between Luca Gargano and Richard Seale.

The first step was distillation in 2004: in pot stills and in coffey stills, in the classic way for this distillery, and then blending the two types of distillate.

The second stage was tropical ageing until the beginning of 2019: part of the rum was kept in ex-bourbon casks only, and the other part was placed first in ex-bourbon casks and then in ex-sherry casks. After 14 years a blend was made before bottling in February 2019, brut de fût.

Due to the rarity of this rum (or rather its popularity, as 6000 copies were produced) only one copy is allowed per order and per customer. Thank you for your understanding.

Nico's tasting note

The nose is that of a rather imposing Foursquare, with a fragrant roasted nut paste. The alcohol is expressed in a solvent veil that denotes a certain concentration. Toasted coconut and intense vanilla kick in, accompanied by rough but haughty old oak.

A little airing, and the rum relaxes a lot. The vanilla is deep and creamy, the coconut has all its milk flowing, the tobacco is quite fat. The solvent directs all this with benevolence, and no one sinks into excessive sweetness. This is how the fruit can emerge in the clearing, which then takes on many colours: orange, cherry red, lemon yellow...

The palate is striking and concentrated. The tannins of the wood are powerful and doubled by a concentration which raises their astringency a bit more. However, the charming notes typical of the distillery are easily present and even more ample. Vanilla and coconut are very intense. The tobacco is browner than usual, it also gets an extra character and even a cocoa bean.

The finish is greedy and concentrated, although quite dark. It is reminiscent of some Demerara's with a hint of molasses nuts.

"A Foursquare that took advantage of its stay in the barrel to sharpen its trump cards..."



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