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Velier Foursquare Plenipotenziario 60°: Description and customer reviews

Velier Foursquare Plenipotenziario is a collaboration between the Barbados distillery and the Italian importer Velier. Richard Seale and Luca Gargano are not new to the business, as they have already had great success with their famous Foursquare 'black bottle'.

Two molasses distillates were produced in 2007 and blended in the cask. The light distillate is from the Coffey triple column and the heavy distillate from the double-twisted pot-still. The casks were aged for 12 years in a tropical climate in Barbados. In October 2019, 6,000 bottles were bottled on site, raw from cask.

Nico's tasting note

On the nose, a nice concentration of American oak presents itself. One hesitates between hot chocolate with coconut and vanilla on the one hand, and a kind of banana cake with coconut chips and cocoa on the other. It's a bit of a treat, but it doesn't feel sweet or overly round.

The aeration slightly dissipates this cocoa and coconut paste, leaving us to admire more of the wood and nuts. The oak fibre, soft and white, seems to be soaked in a generous rum. As we return to the surface of the wood, we find more roasted aromas, with fatty, toasted nuts and hazelnuts. A solvent note also stands out, a sign of a concentration that has not wavered.

On the palate, the attack is round and warm, with the rum coating the entire taste buds. A fatty paste of nuts begins to diffuse its aromas, as the rum continues to crush on the palate. The power is in the service of the concentration, never the burn of the alcohol. Vanilla and coconut invoke banana and white wood, the latter releasing a few drops of resin.

The finish is slightly salty and tightens up with liquorice molasses.

"A new gourmet bomb from Foursquare, which envelops both the nose and the taste buds..."

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  1. Rémy

    Excellent discovery for this Foursquare. It deserves to be aired.

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