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Virgin Gorda 40°: Description and customer reviews

Virgin Gorda is a blend of 3 molasses rums, all in the English tradition, from 3 different islands: Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago and Jamaica.
These rums have been aged for an average of 7 years in bourbon barrels before being blended. It should also be noted that no additives have been added (no caramel, no flavouring).

Trinidad provides freshness and vanilla notes. The Jamaican rum brings body. Finally, the Barbados rum provides the woody side (it is the oldest of the 3 rums in the blend with 8 years of ageing).

Nico's tasting notes

Summary: exotic fruits - vanilla - toasted wood - red fruits - spices - sweet

The nose opens with a light solvent typical of traditional English rums. Slowly, it continues to open up with exotic fruits ripening under the nose. Its profile is rather fresh and light, with a hint of herbal and grassy notes which, taking the form of a green banana, link to its fruity character which continues to ripen as the rum airs.
After a good airing, the exotic fruits take on their fullness. They settle on a mellow carpet of almond, yeast and tea. The crushed red fruits bring more vivacity with their acidity. The vanilla brings balance, its roundness counterbalancing the slight acidity of the fruit. The orange zest wraps up the whole with greediness.

On the palate, the ripe, thick banana immediately gives the rum a savoury edge. Other exotic fruits come to the fore, contained by a woody/vanilla couple. The palate sensation becomes more spicy in the middle of the mouth and thus opens the way to the sweet vanilla caramel.

The finish is also sweet, like a cane sugar syrup. The fruit is light and the vanilla sticks to the lips for a long time.

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  1. Lyv


  2. customer

    Interesting discovery

  3. romain

    Virgin Gorda is an example of a small rum that is loved for its simplicity. First of all, its particularity comes from its colour. It is golden in colour, whereas one might expect a more amber colour. At least we can be sure that no caramel colouring has been added.

    On the nose, we find ourselves on a rather simple and greedy rum. Woody, vanilla notes quickly make their appearance. Then come aromas of caramel and brioche.

    The mouth is quite identical to the nose. A little milky side in the mouth that is not at all unpleasant. The Virgin Gorda is rather a sweet rum. The degree of alcohol (40%) is not felt. It is well integrated.

    Excellent value for money for a 7 year old rum with no additions. It may be criticised for its weak aromatic palette. Personally, I don't think you need 12 flavours to have a good rum. The simplicity of Virgin Gorda is its strength.

    The persistence in the glass is beautiful. It is more on a caramelised vanilla sugar and woody taste.

    It will appeal to gourmets, to those who like Don Papa 7 ans (unless you like it for its chemical side). Personally, this rum made me want a tarte tatin to accompany it for the next tasting.

    This blend is a success


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