A 1710 La Perle Brute Canne de Paul Octave Vintage 2018 66°.

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Sweet spices - Fruit - Pastry chef - Plant


Rum - White rum - Pure cane juice rum

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Crude distillation


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A 1710 La Perle Brute Canne de Paul Octave Millésime 2018 66° : Description and customer reviews

This 2018 vintage of Paul Octave's Perle Brute Canne has the following characteristics:

  • no reduction after distillation
  • The canes used all come froma single plot, the one cultivated by Mr Paul Octave, a few kilometres from the Habitation du Simon where the A 1710 distillery is located.

Like the first edition (2017), the number of bottles is limited!

Nico's tasting note

The nose is expressive from the outset, and immediately gives us a full picture of cane juice fresh from the still. It's a powerful expression, and the alcohol is still around, as well as a metallic touch. But the sugar cane au naturel is quite striking.

With aeration, the rum is still quite powerful, and the cane jumps even more to the nose. It carries sweet notes of velvety aromatics, a hint of ripe tomato, a little bit of marron glacé, some melted pepper. It is indeed a ripe and candied cane, without straw or bagasse.

The palate offers us a candy from the start, with a small bubble of red fruits. This first drop quickly bursts and lets the power of the distillate speak for itself, and we find this little metallic touch that catches the taste buds. Pastry notes of kernels and almonds ensure the rest of the show and will delight the gourmets. The cane is thus very mellow and ripe, it spreads out in marron glacé and cane sugar.

The finish is quite dry and the cherry pits are coated with notes of vesuvial fermentation.

"Despite its undeniable power, this rum manages to place some very tender and greedy notes..."


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    A complete heartthrob for an introduction to A1710

  2. Jean HETZEL

    Ok. Clear.

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