AH Riise XO Golden Amber 42° (French)

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AH Riise XO Amber Gold 42° : Description and customer reviews

In the brand's rum range, AH Riise XO Golden Amber is the successor to AH Riise XO Sauternes, which is no longer produced by the US Virgin Islands distillery.

What it has in common is that it is matured in barrels that have previously contained sweet white wine.

Each bottle is numbered.

Nico's tasting note

The nose opens with a very round rum, with sweet and fruity aromas. The banana and orange are caught in a gently spiced syrup, with a hint of cinnamon and vanilla liqueur. One then imagines candied orangettes, orange liqueur, and the spices of a Christmas mulled wine.

Aeration reveals a more exotic aspect, with some very ripe tropical fruits evolving in the background. Their acidity mixes well with that of the citrus fruits, and ends up joining the greediness of the banana.

The palate is very soft and opens with a firework of sweet spices. The fruit takes over with a peach and apricot liqueur, followed by very slightly bitter notes of blood orange.

On the finish, vanilla covers the taste buds with a great roundness.

"A rum that is both very fruity and very candied, to be drunk chilled as a liqueur..."

12 reviews

  1. Fabrice Quédeville

    Wonderful experience.

  2. Stephane Eustache

    For those who do not know it is a real discovery. I am a rum lover and I fell under the spell at the first sip. I strongly recommend it.

  3. Hansy Haberkorn

    It's a good rum, but too sweet for my taste.
    Nose: peach/ apricot, vanilla, candy, citrus.
    Mouth: sugar++, peach, candy, citrus.
    Finish: sugar, small length.

  4. Maxime Vennevaux

    Well packaged at the delivery super site.

  5. Claude L.

    Great product

  6. Stéphane Dumond

    Excellent value for money

  7. Axel Creutz

    A worthy heir to the Sauternes cask - Top quality/price ratio


    Great rum, this is the second bottle I've bought.

  9. nico

    excellent value for money


    Rum that replaces the Sauternes rum, a very good gourmet rum.

  11. José De Oliveira

    Dom Papa type sweet rum

  12. Eric

    My favourite bottle. It's not the old sauternes cask XO but very very good. A little sweet for some tastes. Vanilla coffee flavours.

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