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Rhum - Rhum blanc - Rhum pur jus de canne

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Bielle white 50° - 1 litre ! Description and customer reviews

Bielle Blanc 50° is an agricultural rum from one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean: Marie-Galante. The island of 100 mills offers a preserved terroir where traditional methods are the rule.

The hand-cut cane is transported by ox-drawn carts. It is then fermented and distilled in Savalle columns. Then this white rum is left to rest for a few months in oak casks, which can give it a very slight straw colour.

This 50° version is a little sweeter than the iconic 59°. It is a more versatile rum, which can be drunk as a ti'punch, a planteur or neat.

Nico's tasting note

The nose reveals a cane that is still fresh but already sweet, with a rustic, rather earthy character. The vegetal and dry side of its bark is accompanied by a little mellow, greedy pepper, which opens the way to a richer and juicier fibre.

With aeration, the cane juice seems to cook little by little, until it gains nuances of brown sugar. A hint of olive and pickled vegetables reminds us of fermenting vesou, which gradually gains in maturity and spice.

The palate is lively and tangy at first, with a fresh cane still imbued with its bagasse notes. The bark is rich in peppery flavours, which warm up in the middle of the mouth and give a rounder, more gourmet texture. The cane is then more mature, more cooked.

The finish is relatively light, with ripe cane and peppery accents.

"A local rum that retains its freshness and ripeness throughout the tasting..."

2 reviews

  1. Julien

    Perfect rum for your preparations of planters and Ti-punch.
    However, for the latter, I prefer the Bielle 59°, the taste of cane is more present and intense.

  2. Romain Vincent

    For me clearly the best white rum.

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