Bristol Caroni 22 years 1997-2019 Cask Strength 56.4°.

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Wood - Complex - Fruit - Tar


Rum - Traditional English Rum - Traditional molasses rum

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Brut de fût

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Bristol Caroni 22 years 1997-2019 Cask Strength 56.4° : Description and customer reviews

This heavy rum comes from the now closed Caroni distillery (Trinidad & Tobago).

Bottled in 2019 by the English bottler Bristol Spirits, it was distilled in 1997 in columns.

It was bottled in Cask Strength, so no reduction was made once it was removed from the cask.

Nico's tasting note

On the nose, yellow fruit and the freshness of the orchard coexist with a garage where smoky, oily and greasy smells prevail. However, these two worlds are not dissociated. They harmonise and blend smoothly together.

The aeration allows the two sides of the rum to be integrated, while leaning a little more towards the toasty, tarry old woody side. The fruit has pitted, skin and flesh dried around it, prune-like. A hint of heavy rum hovers over the glass, as if to remind us of the tropical origin of this product, with ripe exotic fruits enhanced by a very slight hint of olive in brine.

On the palate, the texture of this Caroni is relatively light, which is surprising at first. What is not surprising, however, is the unique concentration of this type of rum, made up of stone fruits, almonds, smoke, nuts, the whole list of endless complexity.

The finish is a little more woody and tannic, but not lacking in freshness, with a touch of menthol that makes the whole very digestible and greedy.

"Only Caroni can offer such a profile, complex and fruity, gourmand and tarry..."

In addition to this note, you can consult the one we made for this other bottling of the same vintage, but from another cask, "released" three years earlier: Bristol Caroni 19 Years Old 1997-2016 Cask Strength 61.5


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