Clément Single Cask Canne Bleue 4 year old cask 20130061 41.6°.

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Wood - Sweet spices - Fruit - Plants


Rum - Pure cane juice rum

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Single cask

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Clément Single Cask Canne Bleue 4 years old cask 20130061 41,6° : Description and customer reviews

Clément Single Cask Canne Bleue 4 ans fût 20130061 is an agricultural rum which benefits from the appellation "rhum des Antilles Françaises". It has the particularity of being mono-varietal, i.e. made from a single variety of sugar cane. It is the famous blue cane from Barbados (B69.566) that has been chosen here.

Distilled in column on1 May 2016, the pure cane juice rum spent over 4 years in cask. This single cask was finally bottled in September 2020, 551 units.

Nico's tasting notes

The nose is warm and sunny, with the juice of a ripe cane, enriched by equally ripe yellow fruit. Freshness and agility are still the order of the day, however, and the fruit is not quite jammy yet. Sweet spices then introduce a thickly grained woodiness, with a minty air over it.

Aeration reveals more wood and sweet spice. This grainy oak spreads a fatty nut paste, impregnated with cinnamon, nutmeg and pepper. It takes on a more and more precious aspect, and then dresses the cane in a sheath of perfumed tobacco.

On the palate, the grain of the wood reappears once again, massaging the taste buds with a pinch of gourmet spices. Generosity takes precedence over elegance here, and the rum takes on a nice volume on the palate. The cane juice with its spicy patina is also tinged with velvety aromatics, then coated with blanched nuts.

The finish is fresh cane with its trusty lime zest.

"A pleasant and fragrant single cask, which relies on the woodiness for a nice presence on the palate..."

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  1. Mr jeremy Carlini

    Very good product even if I am not the biggest fan of this blue cane
    Very fresh and floral
    It's green!

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