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Corman Collins Clarendon 25 years 54° : Description and customer reviews

Corman Collins Clarendon 25 Year Old is a Jamaican rum bottled to celebrate the 55th anniversary of Corman-Collins. This molasses rum was distilled in 1996. Most of its ageing took place on site, for 21 years. It then travelled to Europe, to the Bristol Spirits cellars, for a further 4 years of maturation.

This single cask no. 435093 was bottled in 2021 in 281 units.

Nico's tasting note

On the nose, it's the more pastry side of Jamaica that offers itself to us, with a basket of stone fruits caught in a fatty marzipan. The peach and cherry are candied to perfection, and sit alongside a kind of vegetable milk tinged with pine resin. The woody spices bring structure and an extra touch of greed.

The aeration brings a little more strength, even ferocity, with a rather intense woody and spicy concentration. The cores take on coppery, metallic hues, close to the alembic, again very concentrated.

The palate is dry and full-bodied on the attack, with burning stone fruits and coppery, almost industrial notes. The tannic wood and strong spices hug the tongue for a while, before releasing it to the still intense black and red fruit notes. The depth of the oak fibre, still green and resinous, is glimpsed, sheathed in a roasted envelope.

The finish is more forgiving, pastry-like and drizzled with stone brandy.

"A rather fierce rum, which will not fail to grab your taste buds despite its fruity and jovial nose..."


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