Domaine de Courcelles 1972 42° - old version

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Sweet spices - Fruits


Traditional molasses rum


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Domaine de Courcelles 1972 42° - old version : Description and customer reviews

Do not hesitate to discover the new bottle of Domaine de Courcelles 1972.

Nico's tasting notes

The nose is full of tropical fruits, like guava, pineapple and mango juice, which almost leads us to a kind of barrel-aged planter's punch. The sensation of a sweet rum emerges, with candied citrus, orange peel and some sweet spices.

Aeration only confirms this impression of fruit juice, with passion fruit adding a tangy and even more exotic aspect. A heavy, leathery rum-like quality begins to overflow from the fruit, with a hint of iodine.

On the palate, passion fruit, guava and pineapple are present, carried by a hint of alcohol and spices. One thinks of a small fruity candy, especially as flavours of cane sugar syrup sparkle on the tongue in the middle of the mouth.

The finish is rather light, and orchard fruits like apricot complete the picture, accompanied by verbena leaves.

"A very surprising profile for this very old rum which has managed to remain extremely fresh and above all fruity..."


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