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Spiced or infused rum

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Don Papa 10 years 43° : Description and customer reviews

Produced in a limited edition, Don Papa 10 ans is the result of a blend of several old rums aged 10 years and more.
The molasses used to produce the rum comes exclusively from sugar cane plants grown on theisland of Negros and guarantees sweetness and aromatic richness.

The beautiful dark amber colour of the Don Papa 10 Year Old comes from ageing in American oak barrels that have been burnt twice. The absence of topping up accentuates the concentration of the aromas.

Due to the rarity of this rum, we limit the purchase to 1 copy per order and per customer.

Nico's tasting notes

Summary: sweet - orange - coffee - red fruits - vanilla

The nose leads us to a very thick and rich rum, in the manner of a very sweet molasses. Very powerful aromatically, this nose is heady and loaded. There's a syrupy, sweet edge to it, made of banana and orange, like a cinnamon syrup and other Christmas spices. One thinks of an orange liqueur that would almost crystallise on the edges of the glass.
When the liquid is passed over the rim of the glass, it is the molasses that spreads its caramel and coffee aromas, with a very sweet sensation. With the coffee, we have a milk chocolate orangette, and then some red fruits in a confectionery style. This acidulous side also brings fruit aromas such as maracuja or green banana. The spirit of a cottony liqueur is again asserted with the Christmas spices that mingle with the orange.

The entry is sweet and very round, with orange liqueur with spices and coffee. These spices tingle for a moment, but are quickly taken over by a very fat wave of sugar and caramel. The mid-palate is warm and intense, with red fruit, ginger and citrus. Thick, sweet vanilla soon fills the palate, with a hint of exotic wood.

The finish retains the citrus register, grapefruit to be precise, as well as a vanilla that is still very consistent and sweet.

3 visitor(s) opinion and 13 opinion


    Don Papa 10 years is excellent. My wife and I taste this Don Papa 10 years at 43°.

  2. rony

    Very good follow-up when there is a problem with the carrier

  3. Lorente

    A pleasant taste in the mouth, full of flavour and strength

  4. Customer

    Very good, I recommend

  5. Alexis.

    You can feel all the work and the advanced age of this one! A strong and intoxicating presence that will make you succumb!
    To please yourself I love

  6. Charlène Pégé

    A more Corsican Don Papa than the 7 year old but just as good.

  7. Cubitus Mordicus


  8. Jean-Marie SAONIT

    Very good bottle

  9. Sebastien

    excellent Rum! I had been offered a less old and already excellent Don Papa, but this one is even better and I can't get enough of it...I think I'll get another bottle... :-)

  10. courbet

    very strong vegetable/citrus taste

  11. Sylvie Concina

    Excellent rum. To be offered with your eyes closed

  12. mickael

    A drier rum compared to the 7 year old, for those who prefer dry rums the 10 year old will be the choice if you prefer a sweeter rum like me the 7 year old will be the one to go for

  13. Pierre Galzin

    To try it is to adopt it! A marvel!

  14. Pascal

    If its little brother of 7 years offers us a beautiful sensation of vanilla, this limited edition rum is really extraordinary, on opening it gives off a smell of flambéed banana, caramel or tobacco tones. Round in the mouth with vanilla aromas, it will satisfy the palates of amateurs and connoisseurs alike.

  15. Julien

    Even better than the 7 year old, finer and more tasteful. A safe buy!

  16. JJP

    I love this brand. Their two products are equally surprising and good. I alternate from one to the other depending on my mood.

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