Rhum Attitude Trinidad TDL 2005 18 ans 64.1° (18 years)

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Rum Attitude Trinidad TDL 2005 18 years 64.1°: Description and customer reviews

This rum had almost fallen "under the radar". However, something compelled us to come back to it, and it was with each tasting that it revealed its full potential.

So we decided to bottle it after a series of two brews so that it could give its best, but without reduction, of course.

It comes from Trinidad Distillers Ltd.

Distilled in columns, it aged in ex-bourbon oak barrels for 10 years in tropical Trinidad, then 8 years in the UK.

255 bottles were produced. Some of them are also available in our Brussels boutique.

Check out Serge Valentin's lovely note on his blog whiskyfun.com and Roger Caroni's on his Blog à Roger.

You can also watch the video of the bear bar:

Florian's tasting notes

On the nose, it's open! Camphor and burnt caramel. Notes of roasting, vanilla nuts and tobacco share a beautiful aromatic balance.
Leave it to breathe for twenty minutes or so to allow it to offer a profusion of fruits, in this case blackcurrant, a blend of tropical fruits (mango and passion fruit); the rest is reminiscent of yellow nectarine.

The palate is a concentrate of red and tropical fruits. Mango/passion marmalade and orchard fruits intermingle. Good texture, pleasant and supple, followed by a more mature touch of camphor and menthol.

The very long finish is sustained by a minty, slightly tarry/smoky veil.

"An evolving rum that reveals multiple facets as it is tasted..."

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  1. eric frechin

    Very good TDL we find aromas of tangy red fruit (blackcurrant), then it evolves into sweeter fruits. Aromatic palettes that are constantly evolving. Alcohol well integrated I find. A rum with which you never get bored!

  2. Yann Masseron

    Quality rum, but not really my style

  3. Julien Laine

    A little nugget

  4. wilfried lenglen

    A product worked with passion! Thank you rhum attitude for making this magic potion!

  5. olivier aissou

    Excellent rum . Beautiful succession of aromas with a long finish. J'ai adorer.

  6. Jason De Roeck Music

    excellent rum, tasted and bought at the boutique in Brussels... I noticed a sublime lychee smell and taste in it,... clearly aeration is super important for it to deliver its full potential!

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