El Ron Prohibido 22 years 40°.

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El Ron Prohibido 22 years 40° : Description and customer reviews

El Ron Prohibido 22 ans is a rum that comes to us from Mexico. It is distilled from sugar cane molasses in a hacienda that also produces tequila. The name of this rum recalls a time, in the 18th century, when the kingdom of Spain banned Mexican rum because it overshadowed the local spirits.

Distilled in columns, this rum has been aged in old bourbon barrels, using the solera method. This technique, borrowed from Andalusian fortified wines, allows rums of different ages to be blended throughout the ageing process.

Nico's tasting note

On the nose, the rum is quite light, marked by a strong roasting. One can imagine a barrel that has been toasted to the point of charring, that has turned all its juices into caramel and that has been adorned with a black and cracked skin, like an alligator.

Aeration allows fruitier notes to emerge, with orange leading the way. One can also think of a cooked sugar with strawberry and raspberry accents, like a crunchy candy.

The palate offers a rather unique profile, with both roasted and organic notes. One thinks of coffee, but also of almost animal aromas, or of a humid forest, full of rich earth. This very moist and tropical side is quite unique. The butterscotch is caught up in this wild wetness, which gives it a kind of rancio.

The finish is more traditional, with vanilla and coffee that don't linger too long.

"A unique and surprising profile, both caramelised and very wet..."


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