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Fair Rum Salvador XO 44° : Description and customer reviews

Fair Rum Salvador XO is a rum from the only distillery in the country: Licorera Cihuatan. The sugar cane, from which the molasses used is extracted, is grown according to the principles of fair trade. This is of course a fundamental element for the French brand Fair, which insists on the social responsibility of its products.

Distilled in columns, this blend brings together rums that have aged between 3 and 6 years in old bourbon barrels.

Nico's tasting note

The nose shows a tropical, humid woodiness, with aromas of undergrowth and moss. The clearing comes quickly, and the rum is much brighter, lighter and fruitier. The vanilla and sweet spices bring some maturity.

With a little air, one returns to a humid character, as in a very hot forest. A stream of caramel flows through its bed of fragrant earth, while spicy bark falls from its tree.

The palate is light and inhabited by our caramel with tropical accents. The strength of the alcohol becomes more present in a second time, and sends some spicy and peppery banderillas. They then fall back on a rather strongly toasted woodiness, and take the form of more perfumed spices, then softer and more docile, like vanilla.

The finish is rather dry, with a vanilla bean sitting on an old oak barrel.

"This light rum gives way to a humid atmosphere that immediately transports you to the tropics.


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