Foursquare Cask Strength 2009 60

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Wood - Sweet spices


Traditional English Rum

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Brut de fût


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Foursquare Cask Strength 2009 60°: Description and customer reviews

On Foursquare, the vintages follow one another with as much expectation and success as ever!

Like most rums from this venerable Barbadian distillery, Foursquare 2009 is a blend of column and pot still rums. It is aged in ex-bourbon casks for 12 years. The rum is bottled brut de fût, without the addition of water.

Nico's tasting notes

The nose is intensely indulgent from the outset, with an American oak cask completely melted into the milk chocolate. One then finds oneself with a sweet paste, full of coconut, vanilla, blond tobacco, soft wood and sweet spices.

The aeration shows us a more woody side of the rum, more concentrated too, with a hint of solvent that supports it solidly. The nuts are toasted, but also well coated with a sticky, still warm, resinous caramel.

The palate is as powerful as it is tasty, and offers us a great whiff of American oak spice. Vanilla and toasted coconut accompany a chocolate with hazelnuts and other nuts, the whole being set in a very nice sticky caramel.

The finish is like a nougat with very concentrated flavours, marbled with maple syrup.

"A pure Foursquare, who handles his powerful and serious greed like no other..."

In comparison, the2008 Foursquare had a drier, more concentrated nose of nuts and solvent. The palate was also more woody and dry, less greedy than the 2009, with a finish more dominated by alcohol and spice.


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