Hampden Rum Fire White Overproof 63

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Fruit - Solvent - Plant


Rhum blanc - Rhum de tradition anglaise (Rum)

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Hampden Rum Fire White Overproof 63° : Description and customer reviews

Rum Fire Velvet Overproof 63° is produced by the Jamaican distillery Hampden.

Nico's tasting note

On the nose, dark berries such as blackberry and blackcurrant rub shoulders with other, much puffier and more exotic fruits, such as pineapple, mango, overripe papaya and even jackfruit. A slick of solvent floats in the air, carrying the scent of rum throughout the room.

The aeration develops a wilder side, where the green olive brine meets the sour cane juice, the passed aromas, for our greatest happiness.

On the palate, the relative roundness is most pleasant, the rum glides across the palate with a rather fatty texture. An explosion of fruit follows, rather fresh, with black and red berries and other fruits that become more and more tropical and overflowing. Pineapple juice becomes cloudy and dense, as do mango and papaya.

The finish is warm and pastry-like, with a sweet and mellow green olive.

"One of the most typical rums in the Jamaican overproof tradition..."


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