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Isautier Rhum Arrangé Café Vanille 40°: Description and customer reviews

You will find the new recipe of this arrangement on the page Isautier Coffee Vanilla bourbon pointu

This vanilla coffee arrangement comes straight from Reunion Island, an island particularly well known for its know-how in the making of arranged rums.
To fully appreciate it, it should be put in the freezer and served well chilled, at dessert time, with a chocolate fondant or a scoop of vanilla ice cream for example.

Nico's tasting note

The nose of this arranged rum is a big candy. One thinks in turn of barley sugar, barbapapa, honey candy and candy sugar.
Then it becomes more acidic, the candy becomes harlequin. Then a hint of coffee and some spices tickle the nostrils. The candy is also dressed with vanilla, while the coffee takes more and more place as the rum warms up in the glass.

In the mouth the coffee is now very prominent. And there is a little surprise because this mouthfeel is very spicy: we feel a certain tingling. The candy register is of course still very present, as we have the impression that a vanilla sugar caramel melts on our tongue.

On the finish, the spicy sensation is still there, accompanied by a sweet vanilla.

8 reviews

  1. Greg

    A rum with a surprising and really pleasant aroma. Very good to offer, without risk of disappointment

  2. Fabrice

    I can't get enough of it, it's delicious, sweet as can be

  3. Jean-Philippe


  4. Fabrice

    An excellent rum to taste

  5. Fabrice

    Island flavours

  6. Andras Lacko

    An interesting and successful combination. A nice mix of character and softness

  7. Fabrice

    Taste of coffee quite strong, I love it!

  8. Fabrice

    The mixture of flavours is very present and makes this rum delicious

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