Gus't Demerara Marrons de la Liberté 2002 Full Proof 65,7°.


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Gus't Demerara Marrons de la Liberté 2002 Full Proof 65,7° : Description and customer reviews

Following the success of the previous cask, we continue with the same 2002 vintage with this 16 year old Demerara.

Distilled on 23 April 2002 and almost entirely aged in the tropics, it was bottled on 18 January 2019 in Manosque, by the wine merchant and nugget finder Le Gus't.

One part of this cask n°147 has been reduced (it is theoptimum proof), the other one here has been bottled at its natural degree (65,7°).

Nico's tasting note

On the nose, one perceives the muted power that inhabits the rum. Behind a rather velvety vegetal curtain, one feels it ready to leap. While the vegetal is sometimes resinous and medicinal, a fruity line appears and intrigues. Neither too ripe nor too fresh, it oscillates between oxidised apple, quince and cherry.

The aeration opens up the rum considerably. Its high alcohol content was probably holding it back a little, even though it was already managing to express itself sufficiently. The fruit, its stones, the spices and the cocoa are contained in a coppery gangue which is ready to give way and which smokes as it is passed over the flame.

The attack on the palate is powerful and quite wild. Copper and smoke rush to invade the taste buds without restraint. This eagerness is matched only by the generosity that follows. With a very Caroni feel, the empyreumatic notes turn to fruit, pits, exotic peppers, marzipan, in the purest English tradition. The rum is resinous and sticky.

The finish is long, with a delectable combination of quince paste and frangipane.

"A rum that shakes things up but is well worth it, so much so that it sticks to the taste buds with greed..."

In comparison, the Optimum Proof version is smokier, still resinous, but also more pastry-like. This Full Proof version is more radical and intense, whereas the Optimum Proof is fatter in the mouth, more gourmand.


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