Mezan Jamaica 18 Year Old Long Pond 2000 Cask Strength 58.63


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Mezan Jamaica 18 Years Old Long Pond 2000 Cask Strength 58.63° : Description and customer reviews

This Jamaican rum was distilled by Long Pond in 2000 in a pot still with double retort.

It then spent 18 years in bourbon casks, 3 in the tropics and 15 in Europe.

As with all the rums in the Mezan range, no cold filtration has been carried out and no additives have been added.

263 bottles were made from this cask n°2. Mezan plans to release 3 casks in total.

Nico's tasting note

On the nose, the basket of exotic fruits has matured to the extreme. These fruits are furiously tropical, there is no doubt about it. The very ripe papaya, the José mango and why not the jackfruit, give a purely Jamaican identity. A patinated wood enters the scene, bringing us back to a little elegance and honeyed light.

With aeration, the power of the distillate still reigns, and the aromas from the wood appear only anecdotally. This is a rum that remains fruity throughout, with a coppery touch that catches the nostrils, as well as a hint of solvent. The fermenting fruits give off a certain acidity, as is the case with banana and pineapple.

On the palate, the attack is marked by a smoky, sulphurous metal. It is thus as close as possible to the rum coming out of the still, with a frank and somewhat "industrial" character. The texture is light at first, then the rum thickens and unfolds all its fruit, before tightening up on the bergamot.

The finish is marked by a juniper-like bitterness, refreshing and unmistakably gin-like.

"A rum in a class of its own, with a very tropical nose, and then a precise bitterness that inevitably recalls gin..."



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