New Grove 2009 Savoir Faire 395 cask 60°.


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New Grove 2009 Savoir Faire Fût 395 60° : Description and customer reviews

This New Grove distilled in 2009 by Grays is from a single cask numbered 395.

The barrel is made of Limousin oak. It was used to make 300 bottles, all individually numbered.

It has been selected for its exceptional aromatic qualities.

Bottled raw from the barrel, naturally!

Nico's tasting note

On the nose, there is a well-established, open profile, very rich and yet easy. The stewed fruits are subtly spiced, the quince paste is absolutely delicious. There is something of the register of roasting, smokiness and copper in this rum, but of a very coated kind and never too metallic or carbonated.

With aeration, the greediness has no limits and we find ourselves caught in a jam of citrus fruits, quince, apricot. It is a jam where the fruit largely dominates over the sugar, so that their thick yet elegant aromas massively invade and coat the nose. The little touch of copper is there to maliciously enhance the whole, it takes on the air of a cherry stone for the occasion.

The palate is powerful and luminous, with a coppery attack that opens up to round, sweet red fruits. The parade of fruits is then launched, with heady notes of lychees, strawberries, dried apricots, quince and orange jam. The spices are not to be outdone, and the ginger gives a little "kick" behind the tongue. It's concentrated rum, like a sticky resin that won't let go of your taste buds.

The finish is round, long and truly fragrant, between rose, candied fruit and herbal tea..."

"This New Grove is a great success, in line with the previous single casks, with even more fruity goodness.


2 reviews

  1. Mr. LAGEYRE Jerome

    An exceptional rum, which will not disappoint you! Typical nose of the other products of the distillery. In the mouth, an explosion of wood, gourmet coffee, slightly peppery... an absolute delight :)

  2. Melvin Vekeman

    Gift, I haven't tasted it.

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