Oksen - Macerated Vanilla Rum 40° (in French)

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Oksen - Macerated Vanilla Rum 40°: Description and customer reviews

The vanilla used as a base for this artisanal macerated Oksen rum comes exclusively from Madagascan agricultural cooperatives selected for the quality of their products, but also on the basis of criteria of preservation of the environment and respect for the farmers. As for the rum, it is agricultural rum from Martinique. At the end of the maceration process, a small amount of cane sugar is added and a cold filtration is carried out.

Oksen Vanilla Macerated Rum was awarded the Silver Medal at the Madrid International Tasting Competition in 2014.

Nico's tasting notes

The nose of this macerated rum opens (oh surprise) on vanilla, but also on fresh cane. One keeps in mind the white agricultural rum that was used at the beginning. The vanilla is natural, you can taste the ripe and fatty pod.
With time some sweet spices appear, cinnamon comes in support. The white rum is still there with cane and citrus. There is also a hint of chilli and a little candied fruit.

On the palate, the white rum comes to the fore. It is honeyed, a little spicy like a rum that has been briefly aged in a barrel. The white pepper dominates this spicy side. The vanilla is more discreet on the palate than on the nose, it remains melted in the decor.

The white pepper remains present throughout, the white rum comes through one last time with the lime.

"A nice balance between the sweetness of vanilla and a quality white rum..."

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  1. Nicolas Tortellier

    Simply top... :)

  2. Philippe 59


  3. Céline Lopez

    Delicious and pleasant. We will look for it after this discovery

  4. Legroux

    Fine, natural, a real delight to taste!

  5. Macquet

    Fabulous! Unique and very fine, to be enjoyed by the fire.

  6. Nénette

    You can smell the vanilla, it's cool, that's what I like xD

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