Père Labat 59° 1 litre !

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Strong spices - Fresh - Dry - Plant


Rum - White rum - Pure cane juice rum


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Père Labat 59° 1 litre ! Description and customer reviews

A larger format for fans of this 100% local rum from Marie-Galante.

Find the tasting note on the page of the 70 cl version of Père Labat 59°.


7 reviews

  1. David

    When I was a bartender at Tchanqué in Cap Ferret, we used it for all our arranged rums. Its aromatic base is amazing for a white agricultural rum. The nose tells you so much more than other white rums of this type. It is a marvel as a base for arranged rum, but it is even more a marvel in ti'punch, and it supports well the addition of 1 or 2 ice cubes which never come to crush its flavours. Here, it will be 6cl of Pere Labat, 2/8th of lime, 3 sugar spoon of brown sugar. Tasted dry, beyond the first burning sensation of its 59°, the mouth is full, lined by the cane, some citrus sensations, but without any form of bitterness.

  2. theMr Tom


  3. David Fontinoy

    Excellent rum from Marie-Galante

  4. David Fontinoy

    I have already given my opinion on a previous post! Excellent rum that I have known for over 20 years!

  5. ISAMBARD Noel

    Always the Best I Like

  6. David Fontinoy

    You have to like strong alcohol! Otherwise excellent for making ti-punch like in Guadeloupe!

  7. fabrice bonnin

    For me the best of all rums....a lime, some cane sugar and I am in heaven

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