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Plantation Rum Jamaica 2007 MSP 48,4° : Description and customer reviews

Plantation Rum Jamaica 2007 MSP is the second edition of the "Under The Sea" vintage collection, which pays tribute to marine animals.

It was in 2017, after a long fermentation of 3 to 4 days, that this molasses rum was distilled in the Vendôme "Double-retort" still of the legendary Clarendon distillery in Jamaica. The rum was aged on site for 13 years in 200-litre bourbon barrels, and then 2 more years in France in 350-litre cognac barrels.

Bottled in 2022 with no added sugar, this vintage rum has an ester content of 102 grams per hectolitre of pure alcohol.

Nico's tasting note

The nose is typically Jamaican, with an intense and organic fruitiness. As if in a tropical orchard, one walks among the fallen fruit, bursting with sugar. There is jackfruit, very ripe papaya, mango, as well as pineapple and a hint of coconut.

The aeration takes us on a more pastry-like track, where almonds and coconut milk come to rest like a balm on our exuberant exotic garden. The oak also provides some tannins, which in turn carry fresher, more acidic fruit.

The palate is very fluid, with an easy and quite forgiving attack. The freshness of the rum balances with the heaviness of the fruit, then the scorched spices and the toasted wood ensure a smooth transition to a pastry register. Here, dried fruit and almonds intertwine, as in a basket of dates and prunes with rum-soaked marzipan.

The finish continues on this sweetness, with spices such as cinnamon gaining ground.

"After laying down a full-bodied Jamaican picture, this rum gradually melts into a pastry delicacy..."


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