Saint Aubin Extra Premium Cœur de Chauffe White 50°.

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Saint Aubin Extra Premium Cœur de Chauffe White 50° : Description and customer reviews

Like the 40° version, Saint Aubin Cœur de Chauffe Blanc 50° is distilled in the Pot Still still of the Saint Aubin artisanal rum factory. Only the heart of the toast, i.e. the distillate from which the "head" and "tail" have been removed, is kept.

The result is a very aromatic and fine white rum.

Nico's tasting notes

On the nose, the fresh cane is exuberant, very funky and colourful. At first, it carries tangy notes of strawberries and exotic fruits still very fresh. Its vegetal character quickly establishes itself and drives out the tutti-frutti, it is a green cane, full of chlorophyll and mentholated touches.

The aeration lifts the very vegetal veil, to approach the roundness and delicacy of the sugar-laden cane juice. The power is well regulated, only the pepper tickles the nostrils, thus balancing the very mellow side of the vesou. A little bitterness of lime zest finally insists on the authenticity and rusticity.

In the mouth, the attack is initially very round, vegetal and slightly spicy. The cane then unfolds with a lot of fat, but also with a growing warmth that invades the palate and warms the heart. The spices, especially the pepper, increase in heat and intensity. The spices, especially the pepper, add to the warmth and intensity of the wine, making the cane vibrate and take centre stage.

The finish is rather dry, with the bitterness of lime peel and bagasse. The aromatic fullness is still there, even if the taste buds are quite constricted.

"A very nice pure rum, a lively and vibrant brandy, without too many concessions..."

On video

This rum is part of the Pure Cane Juice Rum Discovery Pack Asia / Oceania that we tasted live with Laurent Cuvier (The Man with the Stroller), in a video to be found on our Youtube channel.

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  1. jean-noel GIOT


  2. Kempf Bertrand

    a real white rum, well flavoured ...

  3. The blue fairy

    Excellent rum, completely different from the rums I have tasted from the West Indies. Nice discovery

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