St Lucia 1931 3rd edition 43

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St Lucia 1931 3rd edition 43° : Description and customer reviews

Read our interview with Michael Speakman, one of the managers of the distillery, about Saint Lucia 1931: click here to open the interview in a new tab.

Note on rum in progress.

Laurent's tasting note

Its colour is a beautiful amber.

On the nose, we have a nice mix of different aromas: caramel, woody, nuts. Then comes orange and tobacco. The whole is quite greedy even if it does not give the impression of being sweet.

On the palate, the attack is less dry than expected and the sweet notes become stronger after a few seconds. Caramel, wood and orange dominate.

The finish is drier and even becomes tannic after a while. Naturally, the woody notes come to the fore (which go hand in hand with the tannicity), as well as vanilla and tobacco.

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  1. LN

    Good quality rum, delivered quickly.
    I would like to thank the company for the excellent service and the quality of their products. I would recommend

  2. yann beley

    Pleasant to the nose but that's where it ends.

  3. romain

    Dress: Caramel

    On the nose, it is greedy. It reminds of French toast with honey on it. Apples arrive after a few seconds. There are aromas of dried fruit. It's greedy, it announces a sweet mouth.

    On the palate, there is honey, liquorice, orange and dried fruits that have been dipped in honey. The sugar is present but the liquorice creates complexity. As a result, this is not a syrupy, monotonous rum (caramel-vanilla). It remains syrupy but there is complexity.

    The finish is drier and there is a hint of liquorice. Tobacco also arrives at the back of the mouth. Average length.

    This Santa Lucia 3rd edition is interesting but the dry finish is not very pleasant. I like sweet rums. However, this rum disturbs me because I really feel like I'm eating a bowl of candy licorice and honey. This may disgust some rum drinkers.

    there is some good (a certain complexity for this category of rum, a sweetness in the mouth) and some not so good (a drying finish and a slightly nauseating aromatic palette)


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