Savanna 9 years old Grand Arôme Fût n°345 46°.

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Wood - Flowers - Fresh - Fruit - Iodine - Pastry chef


Rum - Traditional molasses rum

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Single cask


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Savanna 9 years old Grand Arôme Fût n°345 46° : Description and customer reviews

This great aroma from the Savanna distillery in Reunion has been aged in cognac barrels for 9 years (from 2007 to 2016, when it was bottled).

Grand aroma is a rum made from molasses fermented for much longer than the norm. Very few distilleries master this technique.

This cask n°345 was used to make 985 bottles, all numbered.

Nico's tasting note

The nose is immediately carried away by all the aromatic power of the great aroma. The 46% reduction makes it immediately available and readable, so that the notes of olive in brine are adorned with greedy, pastry-like, fruity aromas. A slight oxidation reveals an oak barrel with a luminous and fresh fibre, like a breath circulating in a coloured orchard.

The aeration brings a beautiful notion of maturity, the rum has candied well, it is rich like a gently spiced olive oil. The exotic fruits are still as ripe as ever, but we notice that they have kept all their flesh and that they are whole, sweet and candied on themselves.

The palate is surprisingly smooth, given the expected aromatic concentration. After a slight astringent and slightly acidic sensation, the rum unfolds fruity notes that range from the apple of an old calvados to a dark plum, via a mango that has fallen from the tree for quite some time. A few heady flowers line the palate, and the taste buds tighten on a tannic Port-like woodiness.

The finish is dry and very long, with a lot of red fruit with seeds and pits.

"A discovery of the great flavoured rums, and an ode to fruits of all kinds...".

3 reviews


    Exceptional rum and fabulous aromatic persistence, typical and unique to these long-fermented rums. Rare

  2. 974

    It arrived well, it's a gift.

  3. Claire

    Very good vintage

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