Summum Reserva Especial 38° in a 5 cl miniature bottle

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Rhum - Rhum de tradition espagnole (Ron) - Rhum traditionnel de mélasse


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Summum Reserva Especial 38° in a 5 cl miniature bottle : Description and customer reviews

Summum Reserva Especial is a very old rum that has spent 12 years in oak barrels, thanks to the great experience of maestro ronero Juan Alberto Alvarez. Thanks to the mastery of the solera system, this rum has acquired great aromatic richness and elegance.

This is a miniature bottle, a real glass "mignonette" (not to be confused with the samples that we make for most of our rums and that we package ourselves).

Nico's tasting note

The nose of this rum is rather light, on vanilla. There is a kind of fruit candy, strawberry to be precise, which evokes a bit of marshmallow. There is a light woodiness coated with cane sugar syrup and a slight tingle that brings a peppery, even spicy sensation.
With a little rest, the spices enrich the bouquet. One notes essences of ginger, white pepper and nutmeg. The overall impression remains rather round and slightly acidic.

This round and light profile is maintained in the mouth. Vanilla and caramel mingle, enhanced by sweet spices.

Like the marshmallow, the rum melts quickly in the mouth and leaves a light vanilla candy taste on the palate.

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  1. Sarah

    Maybe I don't have the palate but this rum didn't charm me

  2. Léoine PIERRE

    I did not order this product

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