TCRL Fiji 2014 48°.

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TCRL Fiji 2014 48°: Description and customer reviews

This traditional molasses rum was distilled in 2014 in a Pot Still in a small distillery in Fiji. After aging for over 2 years on site, and then a little over a year in Europe, it was bottled in 2018.

Nico's tasting note

The nose is full-bodied, a powerful expression of the Fiji style. One thinks of course of Jamaica, its traditional cousin, but also of Guyana and its Port Mourant still. The overripe exotic fruits impose themselves massively, not without greed, with some sultanas and the perception of a coppery touch in the background. The woodiness also seems very heavy, with nuts stuck in a burnt caramel.

As the rum is passed around the rim of the glass, its fruity and very ripe side becomes more and more pronounced. It swells and thickens, moving away from the acidity of fermenting fruit towards something very candied and gourmand. Out of nowhere, the sweet almond makes a strong entrance and inevitably reminds us of the Cleopatra glue of our childhood. The now rested rum curls up into a heavy resin or cherry pit, for a cosy and comfortable sensation.

The entry in the mouth is powerful, concentrated but not at all fiery. The exotic fruits, more than ripe, rush in immediately and flood the palate. But they are not the only ones, because other fruits, more "continental" ones, have benefited from the trip. These are stone fruits like the plum, sometimes candied and then tending towards the prune. The atmosphere remains elegant, we remain among good family fruits, not too wild.

The finish concludes on a note of copper and bitter chocolate, it is long and fluid.

"Despite the somewhat wild and adventurous nose, this Fijian turns out to be a gentleman (adventurer) on the palate..."


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