Zacapa 23 years old Solera 40° - 1 litre!

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Zacapa 23 years old Solera 40° - 1 litre! Description and customer reviews

Zacapa 23 solera is a blend of several rums aged between 6 and 23 years, which are themselves distilled from pure cane honey, which is quite unusual for rum making.

Ageing took place at an altitude of 2300 metres to slow down the process and allow the casks to slowly transmit their aromas. The maturation in the solera system allows for a harmonious blend of several profiles as well as the use of different types of casks (bourbon, sherry, Pedro Ximénez wine).

Laurent's tasting note

Its colour is caramel with mahogany highlights.

On the nose, caramel and vanilla are the backbone of this rum. However, it is not without a certain freshness. Notes of honey and wood bring a certain complexity that is welcome.

On the palate, the attack is very soft and caramel reigns supreme. The texture coats the mouth well. A discreet fruity note (on the grape) manages to make a little room.

The finish is moderately long and relatively simple, with caramel but also honey after a while. It is sweet and fresh at the same time.

5 reviews

  1. Franck MOREAU

    Good Ron .. enjoyed as such. slightly sweet. Light and woody caramel flavours...not disappointed...a must have in a collection

  2. Dédé

    A great rum, to be shared only with connoisseurs


    excellent! the best

  4. courbet

    nice balance, vanilla/caramel, not too sweet, a classic must

  5. Alexia

    I didn't receive it as pictured but in a basic bottle with a label. It was a gift for someone who collects rum, which is a shame.

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