Zaya Gran Reserva 16 years 40°.

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Zaya Gran Reserva 16 years 40° : Description and customer reviews

Zaya is back with a 16 year oldexpression.

Zaya Gran Reserva 16 Years is blended from traditional rums that are up to 16 years old. All of these rums have benefited from ageing in bourbon barrels in the tropical climate of Trinidad.

Nico's tasting note

The nose opens with a well-cooked caramel and very pronounced roasted aromas, as if an oak barrel had been caramelised in a crème brûlée style. The vanilla emanates from the greedy fibre of the wood, the roundness settles in.

With a little airing, all the barriers come down and the vanilla spreads widely. It has taken on the consistency of butterscotch or coconut milk, and one can expect a very smooth mouthfeel.

The palate is very soft, with a sweet texture, yet the accompanying aromas offer an interesting contrast. They are primarily roasted notes, i.e. roasted nuts and coffee. A veil of vanilla quickly settles over the whole, with a lot of sweetness.

The finish is greedy, with a feeling of crème brûlée well sprinkled with brown sugar.

"A rum of contrasts and balance in the end, with well roasted notes wrapped in a very round texture..."

In comparison, the Zaya 12 year old offers a little less relief. It is sweeter but less roasted, lighter. The alcohol brings fruity acidic notes, with an impression of barley sugar. On the palate, it has a very Trinidad-like quality that contrasts with the full-bodied, smoky notes, but it is also much rounder and fatter.

7 reviews

  1. olivier F

    always the same, appreciated by all, good value for money

  2. Albano Leka

    Seems to be an atractive product. Nice bottle from a discontinuous house.

  3. Jérôme Fuss

    exactly what i like: a vanilla caramel candy!
    I put 4 stars because 5 would be the perfect ruhm for everyone, but I have to admit that it has a pronounced sweetness, not everyone likes it.

  4. Jean


  5. Mr Vergne

    The Zaya 12 year old was already very good but the 16 year old is even better.
    On the nose, you can immediately tell that we are dealing with a great rum and the palate only confirms this impression.

  6. Customer

    my favourite sin ... very pleasant, soft and powerful at the same time

  7. Basil

    Unfortunately the taste of the previous Zaya 12yo seems to be lost forever.
    The 16 year old corrects the taste of the "new 12 year old" but without the aroma and sweetness of the original Zaya.

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