A 1710 La Perle Brute Canne de Paul Octave Vintage 2017 66°.

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Strong spices - Fresh - Fruit - Plant


Rum - White rum - Pure cane juice rum

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Crude distillation


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A 1710 La Perle Brute Canne de Paul Octave Millésime 2017 66° : Description and customer reviews

Building on its success in the production of high quality white agricultural rums, the recent Martinique distillery completes its range with this Perle Brute Canne de Paul Octave which has 2 original characteristics:

  1. No reduction is carried out after distillation in the distillery's 7-tray copper column.
  2. The cane used to make this rum comes froma single plot of land cultivated by Paul Octave. On this plot several varieties are harvested: black cane, yellow cane and Pen Epi Lèt. More delicate and less robust than the hybrids that are cultivated for large-scale production, these three types of cane are very juicy and make it possible to produce exceptional rums.

Only 2286 bottles, all numbered, were made in 2017.

Nico's tasting note

On the nose, we perceive a very restrained but massive power, without any burn. We can feel that the rum "has it in the bag" and that it is ready to let go of the horses if we ask it to. It has a clean, fresh cane, rich with fruit and mellow vegetal flavours. The balance is maintained without any problem and we contemplate a nose that gradually thickens, becomes spicy and stocky, without giving in to a burst of alcohol or spices.

Aeration reveals surprising notes of fresh banana and raspberry, like a tropical fruit brandy. At the border of lychee and rose, the cane contrasts with drier notes of pepper and bagasse.

The palate is powerful but not virulent, it swarms, takes its momentum and invades the palate in a wave of warm cane juice. It then bounces back and forth, leaving pepper on the palate, velvety aromatics (mint, sage) on the tongue, but also and above all greedy fruit.

It is during the finish that the rum thickens and concentrates into a syrup of red fruits (raspberries) and white fruits spiced with pepper.


"This rum offers a beautiful palette, it is never disturbed by too much spice or alcohol. It is a powerful but easy brandy..."


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