Black Tot Rare Old Demerara 40 years 44.2°.

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Wooden box


Rum - Traditional molasses rum

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Brut de fût

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Black Tot Rare Old Demerara 40 years 44,2° : Description and customer reviews

Black Tot Rare Old Demerara 40 Years is a tribute to the daily rum ration of British Navy sailors. Black Tot Day (31 July 1970) marked the end of this practice and the famous Navy blend.

This rum is not a " Navy Rum " per se. It is a very old rum from Guyana that has left its mark on the famous historic blend. Distilled in 1975 in the Port Mourant still, it is a molasses rum with an inimitable character.

It has been aged in casks for over 40 years and is now presented to you brut de fût. Its decanter is accompanied by a superb box. It is a blend of 6 casks, resulting in only 606 decanters.


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