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Chairman's Reserve Forgotten Cask 40°: Description and customer reviews

In 2007 a terrible fire destroyed the offices and part of the distillery. The cellar master had the most precious barrels, some of which (i.e. those used in the blending of this rum) put away in such an unlikely place that they were "forgotten" and found several years later.

The distillation method and casks used are the same as for the Chairman's Reserve, but with a much longer ageing period, between 5 and 11 years.

Nico's tasting note

The nose is nicely concentrated, a little vegetal and resinous, but above all gently spicy. The woodiness is round and rolls in the frangipane and honeyed gingerbread. The balance is very good, giving an impression of a sweet but not fat rum. The rum takes on thickness with time, caramelising and candying. A shadow of toasted wood floats benevolently above.

The palate is round but tasty, marked by a toasted woodiness with nuts and pecans. The rum escapes into a delicious cocoa and spice flavour, with a little liquorice and tobacco. The balance is pleasant, the toasted wood brings its roasted notes with sweetness, without catching the taste buds with its charcoal.

The finish is chewy like toast, with a touch of molasses or battery syrup.

"The very vegetal and herbaceous style of St. Lucia rums is rather muted here, so we find a pure English style rum aged in American oak barrels..."

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  1. Dominique Landreau

    Excellent product

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