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Don Papa Classic 40° : Description and customer reviews

Atraditional rum distilled and aged in oak barrels at the foot of Mon Kanlaon, Don Papa is appreciated for its fruity character.

Don Papa is a fairly frequent gateway to the world of rum thanks to its sweet and gourmet aromas.

This particular rum, which reveals the richness of the Negros Occidental island's terroir, received the 2013 Best Cocktail & Spirit Product Award. That same year, it also won two gold medals at the San Francisco World Spirits.

Nico's tasting note

The nose of this vanilla rum is very flattering: vanilla, therefore, but also banana and a strawberry/bubblegum side that brings to mind a harlequin candy. But this nose is above all dominated by orange in all its forms: juice, zest and jam.
After aeration, candied fruit comes into play, with a touch of orange and tangerine. After the candy, we now think of a marmalade with spices, or even a mulled wine or sangria.
There is also a bit of caramelised sugar in a barbapapa style.

On the palate, the orange still dominates with a little bitterness, rather on the zest. This develops into a kind of exotic and acidic tutti frutti, with passion fruit in the lead. The sensation is very thick on the palate.

It is a candied register that remains on the palate, with again a slightly burnt sugar.

5 visitor reviews and 12 reviews

  1. Thierry

    Hello, I bought at first to collect them. Because I thought I had real little bottles don papa like on the pictures. But the taste is not good. I do not know if the fact of putting them in plastic bottles that changes the taste


    My husband loves it. Very satisfied

  3. Franck MOREAU

    Not unpleasant ...but very sweet, very/too much caramel taste... for my taste

  4. Bertrand Leclercq

    A timeless classic

  5. Arthur MOULIN;

    Very good rum with vanilla flavours.

  6. MHSB

    A sure thing

  7. Pascal

    A good rum for the amateurs, a little too sweet for my taste, but it goes very well

  8. doumé

    This is my basic rum, always excellent

  9. Alain


  10. Dolinski Zbigniew

    Very good, but I read on the net that it's thanks to the addition of lots of sugar and artificial vanilla flavourings, and 2.4 cm3 of glycerine (per litre)! yuck! Guaranteed crap ?

  11. Maurice Duvallet

    sublime, a superb discovery, it starts with this powerful taste of rum, keep it in mouth first a taste of vanilla, then a light taste of banana, with a finish on this small woody taste, and a length in mouth interminable a delight

  12. Nico

    The name of the Don Papa has changed for some time now, it is now specified on the label that it is a "Spirit Drink - Vanilla Rum". It is true that the marketing is very successful, and we can now give them credit for having corrected their "Rum" appellation ;)

  13. Jonathan Duthoit

    Good taste and aroma of vanilla

  14. Grain Jean Jacques

    A very good rum to start your initiation to rum. A very round rum, much appreciated by women.

  15. Gérald

    Great! Delicious! Sweet as I like it!

  16. Cédric

    Don Papa is a fairly common introduction to the world of rum. People start with that and then discover there are lots of other great rums. The advice given by the rumattitude website is good. Diplomatico and El Dorado 12 years are good second rums to discover when you start with Don Papa so well done for the advice!

  17. Jean-Claude

    An "easy" rum, which will appeal to beginners and which may occasionally please confirmed amateurs. The only drawback from my point of view (but there are some who like it) is that it is still very sweet.

  18. Norbert

    I understand why my wine merchant recommended it to me! It's really very good :)

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