Grander Rum Single Barrel Speyside SS2211 14 years 64,3° C

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Rum - Traditional Spanish rum (Ron) - Traditional molasses rum

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Brut de fût - Single cask

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Grander Rum Single Barrel Speyside SS2211 14 years 64,3° : Description and customer reviews

This traditional rum from Panama is made from molasses. It is produced by the Las Cabras distillery for the Grander Rum brand.
The Barrel Series collection has been expanded to include this 14 year old vintage. As a reminder, this series highlights single cask rums that have benefited from a double aging.

For this bottling, the rum spent 12 years in an American ex-bourbon oak barrel. It was then transferred to a Speyside whiskey barrel bearing the number SS2211, for 2 more years.

The rum was bottled without reduction or filtration at 64.3°.


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