Havana Club white 3 years 40°.

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Havana Club white 3 years 40° : Description and customer reviews

Dry and light, Havana Club 3 ans is the perfect rum for mojitos.
Havana Club 3 Years Old has been aged in white oak casks. The Maestros Roneros, the Cuban cellar masters, blend different barrels to maintain a consistent quality. It is finally filtered to become a white rum again, retaining the body and flavours acquired during ageing, and bottled.

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Nico's tasting note

In short: light - fruity - tangy - dry

The nose immediately takes us into familiar territory: a fruity rum with very little woodiness and enough alcohol to appear in a festive cocktail. Although it is classified as a light rum, there is no mistaking its nature and it cannot be mistaken for any other white spirit, it is indeed a rum.
A little opening time will bring tangy and floral aromas, between lychee and heady tropical flowers. Whatever happens, it will remain very smooth and docile.

The attack in the mouth makes the rum swarm in thousands of fiery droplets. The alcohol has an effect and refreshes the mouth. The aromas are discreet and rather fine, they have the freshness of a redcurrant or a raspberry still firm.

The finish leaves a light and rather dry rum taste that will quickly fade.

"A classic for Mojitos and other light cocktails, a versatile rum that will not overpower..."

In cocktails

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