L'Esprit Rhum Guatemala Darsa 2007 59,6°.


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L'Esprit Rhum Guatemala Darsa 2007 59,6°: Description and customer reviews

This rum comes from the Guatemalan distillery Darsa. Distilled in July 2007, it has been aged for 10 years in American oak barrels before being bottled brut de fût, without reduction of the titration or cold filtration.

Only 252 bottles were made from this single cask. Each bottle is hand numbered.

Nico's tasting note

In short: nuts - nougatine - woody - full-bodied - powerful

On the nose, the nuts are ground and very fatty. The peanut mixes with roasted almonds and caramel to evoke a crunchy nougatine. The woodiness is toasted and releases softer notes of vanilla. Some very ripe red fruits come to crush it.
The aeration lets out some rather lively alcohol notes, then the rum settles on a toasted bread generously spread with molasses. The aromas of coal, toasted wood, coffee and cocoa then intermingle in this rather full-bodied nose. Then the nougatine, or rather the caramelised fairground scrunchie, returns with cooked sugar and vanilla.

The palate is both powerful and light, with notes of cane and dark chocolate. The texture brings out a very woody impression, as well as dark molasses. This rather striking and dry texture then melts into patinated, waxed, varnished nuts and praline. The woody and vegetal side of the liquorice is juicy and tasty.

On the finish, the powdery peanut clings to the taste buds, then the rum fades to a green vegetal woodiness and undergrowth.

"The nougatine and the fairground scrunchie are made for you who are greedy..."

In addition to our own note, here are the main markers noted by Tristan, the owner of the Rennes-based Whisky et Rhum shop who made this bottling: a greedy nose with vanilla, buttered caramel and juicy fruit (pineapple, ripe mango, pear); a smooth palate with milk chocolate, coffee cream and also empyreumatic notes from the oak barrel; and a finish on coconut milk


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