Longueteau selection n°4 Vintage 2019 55°.

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Sweet spices - Fruit - Plant


Rhum - Rhum blanc - Rhum pur jus de canne

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Longueteau selection n°4 Millésime 2019 55° : Description and customer reviews

The Longueteau plot selections are made from a single variety of cane, grown on a plot of land on the estate.

Plot no. 4, on the seafront (dry and saline atmosphere), produces blue cane. This is the 2019 vintage.

Nico's tasting note

The nose opens with a superb cane, generous to the point of being full and natural. It expresses itself with a full character, with a power all in roundness, without putting aside its peppery and dry bark.

The aeration insists on this rather straight and dry side, especially as it is joined by a little bitterness of lime zest. The fresh cane shows itself naturally, its cloudy juice is generous and very vegetal.

On the palate, we perceive a round and melting attack that allows the rum to penetrate deeply into the heart of the taste buds. It then proceeds to pass a sweet lime over the tongue, with a rather mischievous greediness. The cane is always very upright, which does not prevent it from being generous.

The finish is more earthy and peppery, and still carries hints of fermented vesuvius.

"A very clear, limpid rum, which lets the cane unfold its aromas without hindrance...".

In comparison to the tasting note of this 2019 vintage, you can check the tasting note of the 2018 version, or the tasting note of the 2016 vintage.

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  1. Jean-Pierre

    It's simply my everyday rum. I've always liked Longueteau's whites, despite the fact that some people seem to dislike them, but I can highly recommend this rum. I've always liked Longueteau's white rums, apparently some people don't, but I highly recommend this rum. No acidity as mentioned by a colleague of the rum below, a nose of liquorice anise and fresh cane in the background, in the mouth a light zest of lime and this liquorice and fresh cane intertwined in a smooth velvet, just perfect, nothing very atypical, but in what should be a good white agricultural rum, this one is without false note for me.
    A medium finish that you can forgive for what came before.

  2. Pierre

    I had the impression of drinking a basic agricultural rum of the 3 Rivers type. No particular nose, acid taste, vaguely perfumed alcohol. Disappointing... We tasted several and we all had the same opinion

  3. Laurent REMY

    a delight!

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