Chantal Comte La Tour de l'Or 2010 Brut de fûts 62

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Wood - Sweet spices - Fruit - Plant


Rum - Rum AOC Martinique - Pure cane juice rum

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Brut de fût


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Chantal Comte La Tour de l'Or 2010 Brut de fûts 62° : Description and customer reviews

Chantal Comte La Tour de l'Or 2010 Brut de fûts is a very old agricultural rum, from the prestigious collection of Chantal Comte. It is an AOC Martinique rum, drawn from the Lodge n°11 of the cellars of the Maison La Mauny.

The distillation of the pure cane juice was carried out in 2010, for a bottling in bourbon barrels in September 2011. This ageing in American oak barrels lasted 9 years. On 5 May 2021, the rum was bottled without reduction, brut de fût. This blend produced a total of 1800 bottles.

Chantal Comte is also committed to the NGO Caribaea, to which she donates part of the profits. By purchasing this bottle, you too will contribute to the study and protection of Caribbean biodiversity.

Nico's tasting note

The nose opens with rich and fatty nuts, while showing a sure elegance, brought by a sustained woody taste. A little caramelised atmosphere gently settles in, and catches the nuts in a crunchy and shiny nougatine.

Aeration brings out all the liveliness and colours of this rum. The woody envelope is removed and we are splashed with citrus fruits, lemony cane, and dried and candied fruits. The ginger flirts for a moment with citrus, in particular with candied orange peel, before joining a more vegetal lemongrass. We thus pass from colourful and invigorating aromas to others more mature and brown, in a very generous complexity.

The palate is intense and concentrated, with the wood kicking in all the doors to let the light in, here embodied by a vibrant, mature cane. If you replay this scene in slow motion, you'll notice that the wood has enlisted the services of well-roasted nuts and some rather serious pepper. The cane, tinged with lime zest, then delivers notes of orange, ginger and a greener, herbaceous and candied nuance.

The finish takes up this candied side and returns quietly to a greedy woody flavour, full of vanilla and brioche.

"A superb selection that shows the gourmet and engaging side of La Mauny rums, with an extra concentration and intensity that sublimates it..."

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  1. Vincent BARIS

    Very good and complex rum, which needs to be aired for a long time before being enjoyed.

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