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Samaroli 1989 Demerara 45° : Description and customer reviews

Samaroli 1989 Demerara is a Guyana rum from the legendary Diamond Distillery. Located on the banks of the Demerara River, it houses a collection of stills from another time, but still in use. Among them, we can count the double pot-still of Port Mourant, the wooden column ofEnmore, or the Savalle columns ofUitvlugt...

This 1999 vintage is a molasses rum from cask n°11 only. It was bottled in 2018, 29 years after distillation, and only 288 bottles were produced.

Nico's tasting note

On the nose, the ripe exotic fruits have begun to ferment, as if they had fallen from the tree some time ago. They develop a full-bodied side, which is sharpened by hints of copper. Pineapple and guava come to mind, but also less tropical fruits such as pear.

The aeration brings a nice fullness, and the fruits are suddenly swollen, full of sugar. It is no longer time for fermentation, but for maturity. These fruits are candied on themselves, and aggregate a complex syrup of spices, resinous plants, wood, with a perfectly laid mentholated freshness.

The palate is surprisingly smoky and coppery, as if you were standing next to a wood-fired still. The oak of the cask takes advantage of this to give us all the roastiness, with the toasted flavours of a very brown caramel. Then the distillate takes over, with a wild, almost animal character, on fresh leather. The brown tobacco takes over, bringing us back to more familiar flavours of burnt gingerbread.

The finish is studded with sticky caramel-coated nuts, in true Demerara style.

"This very old rum easily expresses itself through a woody taste strongly marked by roasting...".


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