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Duppy Share XO 40° : Description and customer reviews

Duppy Share XO is a blend of different vintages of molasses rums from Barbados. Distilled by Foursquare, these 5 year old, 8 year old (65%) and 12 year old rums are matured in bourbon barrels in the tropical climate of the Caribbean. They are then transported to England to be bottled by The Westbourne Drinks Company.

The brand refers to "duppies", ghostly Caribbean spirits known for their uncontrollable love of rum. According to legend, these duppies get drunk on the rum that naturally evaporates from the barrels.

Nico's tasting note

The nose is very light at first, and reminds the cooked sugar of a candy apple, a candy or even a barbapapa. This film of sugar is very gradually marbled with some fruity nuances, as well as a distant vanilla.

Aeration lifts the veil of sugar for a while, revealing hints of caramel and molasses. Some sweet spices intrude, before the surface of the glass is again sealed by a tangy film.

The mouth is totally in accordance with the nose, even if we could expect a rounder, fatter texture. Indeed, if the confectionery side is confirmed to the taste, the touch is rather fluid. The flavors of cooked sugar and acidulous fruits are well with the appointment, with some peels of citrus fruits sprinkled with sweet spices.

The finish is just as fluid, and a very slight hint of smoke develops in the length.

"A rather surprising rum that shows a very light side of Barbados..."


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