Tamure La danse de l'ours White Rum Brut de Colonne 80,4°.

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Rum - Pure cane juice rum

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Crude distillation


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Tamure La danse de l'ours Rhum Blanc Brut de Colonne 80,4°: Description and customer reviews

The Bear Dance is the third vintage from Justin, aka the Bear. Justin has a very nice YouTube channel that is well known to rum lovers.

This rum was produced by the Moux family, which has been running the small Tahitian distillery of the same name since 1991. The distillery has been producing Tamure rum since 1992, the year it obtained the authorization to distill.

This selection was born from a meeting and a friendship between Youk Moux and Justin. It was during a tasting that they decided to make this bottling together, in order to make the amateurs enjoy authentic and artisanal products.

The rum was distilled in April 2021 in an artisanal copper still made in Brazil. It is heated over a wood fire and has a small rectification column. The brandy freshly produced from pure sugar cane juice is 82°. It is then put in a "dame-jeanne" for a little less than 2 years in order to benefit from a long aeration and a brewing.

No reduction or addition was made. The rum has lost 1.6° by itself since it was bottled at 80.4° in February 2023. With this very first brut de colonne Tamure, you will find the DNA of the distillery and the Tahitian terroir in your glass.

Only 200 copies are marketed. The bottles of this ultra-limited "historic" edition are hand-numbered.

The packaging is simple and without artifice, like this vintage.

In video

Justin presents this nugget on his YouTube channel:

5 reviews

  1. Marc Morel

    It's the bomb

  2. Marie

    Great products

  3. Damien NOLL

    Top product 👍

  4. Jean philippe

    The 50cl bottle not the sample!!!! 😂

  5. Despreaux Christian

    A real success this Brut de Colonne 😉

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