Bellevoye Blue Whisky from France Fine Grain 40°.

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Bellevoye Bleu Whisky de France Fine Grain 40°: Description and customer reviews

True to the very essence of the range, Bellevoye Bleu is entirely produced in France.

This unpeated triple malt is the result of a blend of three whiskies made entirely from malted barley 100% made in France.

Each whisky comes from a French distillery in a different region, and has been distilled in a specific type of still. The whisky is aged in its original distillery for 3 to 8 years before heading to the Charente and the cellars of the bottler "Les Bienheureux".

After blending the three whiskies that make up Bellevoye Bleu, it is aged for one year in a new oak cask with a fine, tight grain and previously heated with a blowtorch.

Florian's tasting note

To the nose, it is a dessert, or a breakfast in the garden. Surprised by the honey, real flower honey, light, sweet. Very light. This is a whisky with finesse, everything is fine, the woodiness is soft. A small sensation of spices comes in the background: pepper, accompanied by a little vanilla.

Soft texture in the mouth. Delicately fruity, with honey and white fruits, pear and caramel. A little woody diversions and soft spiciness. Very well balanced.

The finish is of decent length, with flowers and vanilla.

"Pleasantly surprised! Very accessible, that's the word. This made in France whisky is smooth, fruity and finely spiced. At this price, to enter the world of French whiskies, it is ideal."


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