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Embargo Anejo Blanco 40° : Description and customer reviews

Embargo Blanco is a blend of traditional rums (made from molasses, for smoothness), super fino (traditional rum distilled a second time) and agricultural rums (distilled from pure cane juice, for fresh sugarcane flavours). The rums come from 5 different regions of the Caribbean.

A few months in oak barrels brings roundness, additional aromas, and a slightly amber colour.

Embargo Blanco is a perfect rum for mixology, and will make excellent mojitos in particular.

Nico's tasting note

On the nose, the influence of Jamaican rum, which is part of the composition of this blend, can be detected straight away: a light varnish and banana. This banana becomes more and more acidic "candy". A certain strength of alcohol brings in its wake more floral notes.

The mouthfeel is very round. The ardour of the first nose has disappeared, giving way to vanilla and orange peel.

"A light rum for subtle cocktails..."

In cocktails

Find Embargo Añejo Blanco rum in our Mary Pickford and Old Cuban recipes.


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