Bellevoye Whisky from France Discovery box Green Black Plum 3x20cl

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Bellevoye Whisky de France Discovery box Green Black Plum 3x20cl: Description and customer reviews

At the end of 2020, Les Bienheureux, creator of the French whisky brand Bellevoye, decided to release a new box.

You will be able to compare the green and its finishing in calvados barrels, the black and its peaty aromas, and finally the plum and its maturing in barrels that have contained a plum brandy.

Please note that the "Vert" is not available in a standard bottle, it is exclusive to this set.

What they have in common is a blend of three French malt whiskies.

It is a perfect complement to the other box set, the red white blue, which was released a year earlier and is still available.

Each bottle is 20 centilitres, enough to come back to it several times with a few guests...


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