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Coloma 8 years 40°: Description and customer reviews

Coloma 8 ans is a rum made from molasses from two varieties of sugar cane. After column distillation, the rum is aged for 8 years in American oak barrels.

A round, rustic rum.

Laurent's tasting notes

Its color is a warm, orangey gold.

On the nose, we are on a classic “ron” profile, on sweetness and aromas of vanilla and caramel. It also has small accents of milk chocolate and eucalyptus (more in the background). The alcohol is surprisingly present for a 40° rum.

On the palate, the attack is fairly smooth. Caramel and milk chocolate are present. The sugar becomes increasingly prominent as it lingers in the mouth.

The finish is rather long, again with milk chocolate and caramel. The sweet impression remains.

2 visitor(s) opinion and 5 opinion

  1. Customer

    too easy to drink!!!

  2. David Saumet

    A pure pleasure!

  3. bardmatt

    Personally, I love it, but I can't find any note of coffee on my side, the bottle and box are also magnificent (even if it's only aesthetic, it's very pretty in presentation).

  4. Corinne Le Gall

    Top 👍 as always


    A little high in alcohol but then very pleasant, quite dry in boucht


    A well-balanced rum, which I would place between Diplomatico (sweeter) and old Clément rum (drier).

  7. romain

    The merger of Centenario and Diplomatico.

    Gorgeous copper color with beautiful legs.
    A very sweet nose with light woody, vanilla, caramel and roasted notes.
    On the palate, it's a delight, with the softness, mellowness and sweetness of a centenario and the complexity of a vintage Diplomatico (2002) with notes of roasting (coffee).

    A lovely, long finish that gradually warms up its consumer.

    Excellent value for money. My favorite of 2016 with the Caroni 17 ans.

    It goes perfectly with desserts, digestives and aperitifs. Drink it neat, otherwise it's sinful.

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